Project: Traffic survey in Vietnam

Status: running
Time: 08.2014 – 12. 2015
Description:To collect traffic data in Hanoi including traffic demand and traffic behaviors, we made a survey of traffic in Vietnam (mostly in Hanoi) in 2014-2015. The survey is given online via social networks and some forums. Until 10th August, 2015, there are 316 participants in the survey. 80% of them come from Hanoi. The survey is still open, and we’re calling people to take part in this survey.

Project: TranOpt Plus Software

Status: running
Time: 01-2014 – 03. 2016
Description:TranOpt Plus (or TranOpt+) is the software supporting mainly for transportation & traffic optimization. TranOpt+ was programmed in CPlusPlus (with the Qt library as the GUI library) by Tuan Nam Nguyen since 2014. The first version was released in January 2015 containing the feature of traffic assignment modeing. More features about traffic optimization will be included in the near future, e.g., traffic network design, facility location, traffic signal light optimization, etc.
Author: Tuan Nam Nguyen
Institude of Computer Science, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Email: or

Project: Optimization of Mixed Traffic Systems in Developing Countries

Status: running
Time: 07. 2012 – 02.2016
Description:This the project to fulfill doctoral degree at Institute of Computer Science, University of Heidelberg
Author: Tuan Nam Nguyen

Project: Optimal Equilibrium in Urban Traffic – Theory and Algorithms. (Cân bằng tối ưu trong mạng giao thông đô thị- Các nghiên cứu lý thuyết và thuật toán)

Status: running
Time: 02. 2014 – 02. 2016
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Dinh The Luc
Description: The project is funded by Vietnam National Foundation for Science and Technology Development (Nafosted). Professor Dinh The Luc is the head of the project. The project aims at finding an optimal equilibrium in urban traffic in Vietnam.

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